The management and care of visitor vessels has been entrusted to Società Alma, who offers a series of services for boats at the dock. They effectively perform the duties of a sailor and take care of small scale maintenance and repairs which can be performed with the boat in the water.
They offer a wide range of services: engine repair and maintenance, onboard systems repair and maintenance, structural repairs and consultancy. One of the most important services consists in “management” of the boat; that is, all of the operations that must be taken care of so that the boat owner can make proper use of his vessel and all of its functions.
The “sailor” will charge all batteries, air the boat on hot sunny days to prevent the growth of mould and formation of condensation, check the bilge water, toilets, the autoclaves and anything else that needs to be done to keep the vessel in perfect running order. He will clean the boat’s outer surfaces and, upon request, also the inside.
The boat service can be customised to meet the needs and habits of the owner. Società Alma also performs as-needed interventions, cleaning and any other such services as requested. With this service, Porto Lotti allows the boat-owner, or user, whether over-nighting or just stopping by on a day trip, to resolve any sort of problem without having to try to find the right person for the right job by himself in a port he may not be familiar with.
It is, therefore, a very convenient commodity that allows clients to always have their boats in tip-top condition and be able to face any unexpected breakdown that might compromise the seaworthiness of the vessel.

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